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Property Report: Willoughby LGA

We welcome you to our longitudinal study of residential property in Willoughby LGA, examining every sale since 2004.

Why do we persist with a time-consuming study, when it’s relatively easy to look-up sale prices? Simply put…it’s the difference between information and insight.

Our team has two goals:
* Achieve record prices!; and
* Help home owners make great property decisions!

Having a deep understanding of market dynamics is key to making better decisions. Moreover, we want everyone to benefit from our work so we welcome you on this journey.

Willoughby LGA Property Report is 32 pages covering...

  • Region overview

  • Market conditions & influences

  • Market outlook - short & mid-term

  • Region analysis

  • Suburb analysis - houses & apratments

  • Suburb comparisons

For some local owners the market report tells them all they need to know about local property prices.

However, those who are more curious about what their property is worth are welcomed to contact us for a chat about your property.

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