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"We're not selling...but we'd appreciate your help anyway"

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

In this time of Covid19, I've had more time to think... and I have an idea, which could benefit you.

When I’m not negotiating a sale, my time is spent:

  • Working with inspectors (building / pest / pool) to identify & solve concerns;

  • Identifying the most reliable local designers / architects / tradesmen to help people improve their home & yard;

  • Determining which banks and mortgage brokers get the best rates / terms for home or investment loans

This expertise & resource ensures that owners who sell with Belle this year, enjoy an unsurpassed real estate experience. However, only 4% of locals will sell this year!

Which made me think…

“A typical call for me is… “We’re thinking of selling and we need your help”. But what if local owners called to say... “We’re NOT thinking of selling… but we’d appreciate your help anyway”

Whatever you’re challenge I’m sure we can assist!

For example... If your plumber never answers the phone; or your painter retired; or your electrician charges too much... if you’re losing control of the garden; or your pavers are slippery… if you have fiddly projects that never get done; or you’re concerned about the safety of a wobbly deck or have rotten fence palings… if parts of your home feel damp or mouldy; or you want to renovate but don’t know who to call … or perhaps you wonder whether you’re getting the best interest rate on your mortgage; or you want to buy an investment property but don’t know where to begin???

“We’ve built a website focused on home ownership (as opposed to selling)”

To that end…

  • Periodically, I’ll choose a topic and prepare a Blog (Article) or Vlog (Video). These will be housed on the site, so you’ll be able to find back-issues or market reports discussing local values etc.

  • Additionally, I really would welcome your call or email with any questions relating to property ownership

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